Empire’s Green Products: Flooring & Window Treatments

Empire Carpet Environmentally Friendly Products

When it comes to home decor and furnishings, opting for eco-friendly products is no longer just a fashion trend, but has rather become a way to protect the future sustainability of our planet. Empire Today® is dedicated to providing customers with a variety of environmentally sustainable products to choose from.  These unique products are completely eco-friendly, from how the products are created to how they are disposed. Empire Today has been working directly with leading manufacturers to bring customers name-brand Empire Carpet that is not only sustainable, but affordable.

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Empire Carpet: Empire Today’s eco-friendly carpet products are made using recycled plastic bottles and other reclaimed and recycled materials. Our carpet options are not only friendly to the earth, but are also beautiful, durable, and affordable.

Empire Flooring: Empire Today uses managed natural resources that are easily renewable, like bamboo and cork. These resources make for beautiful flooring and are also environmentally responsible options for your home or office.

Empire Window Treatments: Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate our GreenGuard certified products.  These products meet stringent air-quality guidelines that assure users that the products are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for home usage.