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Going green is one of the biggest trends sweeping through home improvement. Technology has made it possible for homeowners to be environmentally conscious while still making beautiful changes to their home. On this page, Empire Today explores some of the latest trends within green home products, including information about green carpeting, flooring, and window treatment options.

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Epic Hardwood an Eco-Friendly Empire Flooring Style
March 28th, 2013

Being eco-friendly is good for the home and the environment. With Empire Today’s variety of eco-friendly Empire Flooring options, living green is made possible in today’s landscape. Epic Hardwood is just one of the eco-friendly Hardwood Empire Flooring options that use as much as 50% less newly harvested wood as other products. To learn about eco-friendly Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet visit, empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Fresh, Fast and Fashionable: The Ethical Aesthetics of Empire Flooring Eco Recycling

March 21st, 2013

Empire Today is one of those forward thinking companies that understand the need to give back to their community. One of the ways they’re doing this is by spearheading programs that recycle used carpet and floor coverings. Known as Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, these programs are working hard to defend the safety and beauty of our planet.

Eco-conscious homeowners can make their home renovation green from start to finish. Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet are both available in chic sustainable and recycled selections. Plus, the Empire Flooring Eco Recycling program ensures that their old floors are given a second life. The most environmentally responsible and visually alluring choice, Empire Carpet takes the eco chic revolution into a new realm. Explore the earth-loving elegance of Empire Today by visiting empirecarpet-flooring.com.

A Cool Drink of Water: Empire Carpet Eco Recycling Equals a Crisp, Clean Future

March 18th, 2013

Access to pure, healthy drinking water is about more than refreshment; it’s a matter of life and death. The drinking water that we depend on travels through layers of soil and rock before it reaches underground streams. Those streams feed the rivers and lakes from which we get the good stuff that flows through our taps. In other words, the purity of the soil affects the purity of what we eat. And that can have serious consequences. That’s why Empire Carpet Eco Recycling is such an important program.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling keep discarded floors and carpet out of landfills, reducing the toxic load on vital aquifers. In this way, Empire Today does more than provide beautiful floor covering for homes; they also protect the health of their community. Learn more about the positive impact Empire Carpet Eco Recycling is making at empirecarpet-flooring.com.

No More Polluted Playgrounds: How Empire Flooring Eco Recycling Keeps Kids Safer

March 11th, 2013

When landfills have reached their limit, they’re often covered and transformed into playgrounds, and other public lands, like school grounds. Yet, as waste materials break down within the earth, toxic substances are released into the soil, and even in the water. Many homeowners don’t want their children playing on top of a garbage dump, but that’s just what happens when landfills start to take over the landscape. With Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, concerned homeowners can do their part to make sure that landfills don’t encroach upon their safe communities.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling and Empire Carpet Eco Recycling give homeowners the peace of mind they need. Instead of taking their discarded floor coverings and dumping them, Empire Flooring Eco Recycling helps them to find a new incarnation via advanced recycling partnerships. For every ten million pounds of carpet that is recycled, over 50,000 cubic yards of landfill space is saved, preserving the clean beauty of wide open spaces for future generations. Learn more about Empire Today’s recycling initiatives at empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling: Better for the Planet, Best for the Country

March 8th, 2013

What if an act of patriotism was also an act of kindness toward the earth? Experts from all sides agree that one of the best things we can do for the nation and our children is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. With Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, making a positive impact is as easy as getting alluring new Empire Flooring.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling keeps waste materials from old floor coverings out of landfills. Recycling those materials also allows for a massive reduction on oil consumption, and gasoline consumption. This reduces harmful greenhouse gases, largely believed to contribute to global warming. It also helps us to maintain better global friendships. Choosing Empire Flooring Eco Recycling results in measurable advantages to both our kids and the world. Learn more about how Empire Flooring Eco Recycling can beautify your world at empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Popular in a Good, Earth-Friendly Way − Delancy Empire Carpet

March 5th, 2013

Sure Delancy is a popular style of the many Empire Carpet options, primarily due to its practicality and stain resistance, but the Delancy brand of carpet also gets a gold star in protecting the earth. This Empire Carpet style is made from recycled plastic especially found in the plastic bottles. This Empire Carpet rates high in durability and is versatile to fit with any home décor style and trend. To learn more visit, empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Paladino, an Empire Carpet Style Pleasing to the Eye and the Earth

February 26th, 2013

Among the many styles and types of Empire Carpet, Empire Today is proud to offer a variety of eco-friendly Empire Carpet brands and styles. And Paladino is no exception. This uniquely designed Empire Carpet is not only luxuriously beautiful and a great addition offering a warm look to a room but it is also made out of recyclable, plastic water bottles ensuring that it’s not only pleasing to the eye but to mother nature also.

What makes Paladino so unique is its process in the making in such a way that this Empire Carpet creates a continuous filament fiber resulting in durable and yet soft results. To learn more about eco-friendly Empire Carpet, visit empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Design Chic Goes Au Natural with Empire Flooring Eco Recycling

February 21st, 2013

Instant glamour is easy when homeowners introduce natural materials to their home décor. When design chic goes au natural, the effect is cosmopolitan, yet intensely comforting. For years, Empire Today has impressed clients with their supremely stylish, sustainable floor coverings. Now Empire Flooring Eco Recycling and Empire Carpet Eco Recycling make home remodeling products lovely in a way that’s more than skin deep.

Homeowners who want to make their renovation ecologically conscientious on every level need look no further than Empire Flooring Eco Recycling. Once they have chosen their sustainable Bamboo Flooring, or Cork Flooring, they can relax knowing that their old floor covering will be ethically recycled. Not only will their homes sport a sophisticated new look; their consciences will be clear. Find the sustainable solutions you’ve been looking for at empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Carpet with a Conscience: Empire Carpet Eco Recycling

February 19th, 2013

There is an old Iroquois proverb that states, “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.” This wise advice urges people to consider the impact of today’s choices on the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Though it may sound like a daunting task, living up to that challenge may be as easy as choosing Empire Carpet Eco Recycling.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling keep your old carpet and floor coverings out of landfills where they might otherwise pollute the environment. Instead, whenever possible, your discarded floor coverings are given new life via an ambitious recycling program. Hundreds of years from now, when future generations look back, it will be sustainable choices, like Empire Carpet Eco Recycling, that create a favorable legacy. Find out how you get the most sustainable styles by visiting empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling Exudes Earth Friendly Elegance

February 14th, 2013

Going green doesn’t mean settling for bland home fashions. Empire Carpet is available in responsible recycled materials. Plus, Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling will make sure your old floors and carpets a find new life. Whenever possible, these materials are kept out of landfills, and recycled.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling allows homeowners to enjoy a new level of beauty within their homes, whilst giving something important back to the earth. By reducing pollution, the inspirational forests, parks, and rivers just outside their windows will endure for another generation. Meanwhile, their elegant new Empire Carpet will endure as well, giving them many gorgeous years of sumptuous comfort. Discover all the ways Empire Today provides beautiful floor coverings in harmony with the planet by clicking on empirecarpet-products.com.

Designer Details and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling

February 8th, 2013

A home renovation reminds people of the importance of beautiful surroundings. As they refresh their own living space, they naturally look for ways to bring that new energy with them when they leave their homes. That’s when it becomes obvious that preserving our natural habitat is as important as creating an at home oasis. Empire Flooring Eco Recycling and Empire Carpet Eco Recycling ensure that both homes and Mother Earth are getting some much needed restoration.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling sets homeowners free to choose from the most exciting new styles in fine flooring. From Domestic Hardwood Flooring to sustainable Cork Flooring, homeowners have access to the full gamut of materials. With designer details that make each room a distinctive statement of the homeowners’ personalities, Empire Flooring choices are as aesthetically delightful as they are responsible. What’s more, Empire Flooring Eco Recycling ensures that old floor coverings are recycled, reducing waste in landfills and assuring us all of a beautiful future. Learn more about Empire Today’s sustainable practices here Empire Flooring.

Tips and Tricks for Healthy, Green Living

February 5th, 2013

There are simple, everyday things that homeowners can do in their homes to protect the environment. A few tips that are not only good for the environment but also for the wallet include turning off lights when leaving a room, or better yet switching light bulbs to CFLs. As homeowners do home improvement projects, they are switching appliances to energy efficient styles with the ‘energy star’ label. When it comes to updating with new flooring, Empire Today helps homeowners by offering a variety of Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring options that are eco-friendly. To learn about the eco-friendly Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet visit, empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Today for the Environmentally Friendly Conscious

January 30th, 2013

Offering environmentally responsible home products including Empire Flooring, Window Treatments and Empire Carpet is a priority for Empire Today as more homeowners opt for products that are good for the home and the environment. When it comes to eco-friendly products, Empire Today offers Bamboo and Cork Flooring both types of flooring that is rapidly renewable.

Empire Today also offers a variety of Empire Carpet brands made by recycled materials such as recycled plastic bottles. To learn about Empire Today’s green initiative, visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Posh Planet: Empire Carpet Eco Recycling Blends Green Values with Serious Style

January 28th, 2013

No one wants to enjoy a summer picnic on top of a pile of garbage. Sadly, that’s exactly what happens when landfills overflow with discarded household items. Empire Today is determined to be part of the solution. That’s why they’ve taken serious steps to help via Empire Carpet Eco Recycling.

When Empire Today removes old carpet during the installation process, 100% of all recyclable carpet is kept out of landfills. Already, Empire Carpet Eco Recycling has saved over 50,000 cubic yards of space in landfills. That adds up to a more pristine planet for our children, even as every home with Empire Carpet enjoys the best that money can buy. Learn more about how Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling are preserving the planet for future generations at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling: Glamor That Gives Back to the Earth

January 23rd, 2013

The popular saying, “Give a little; get a little…” certainly holds true when it comes to remodeling one’s home with greener materials. Empire Today offers a full spectrum of eco-chic Carpet, as well as their ambitious Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling programs. For giving back to the earth, homeowners are rewarded with phenomenal materials, textures, value and performance.

Empire Carpet Eco Recycling keeps millions of pounds of waste out of landfills every year. Rather than being taken to the dump, old Carpet and Flooring is recycled as often as possible. The payoff for doing so is tremendous. Already over 80,000 barrels of oil have been saved and over 79.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions have been thwarted. Homes are more breathtaking than ever, and the whole earth can breathe easier as a result. Discover how easy it is to choose a green home makeover with Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and more; visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling for Effortlessly Eco-Chic Living

January 21st, 2013

When turn to natural materials, we receive special benefits. Today’s hottest offerings in sustainable flooring are also absolute wonders in terms of durability and easy maintenance. Plus, with Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, homeowners know that every part of their renovation experience is gentle on the earth.

Two superstars on the sustainable circuit are Cork Flooring and Bamboo Flooring. Both materials are replenished rapidly, and because they require no cutting of trees, help to ensure that our beautiful forests remain viable. Besides being terrifically durable, both materials work to repel pests and allergens − naturally. Choosing these sustainable Empire Flooring options, combined with Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, guarantees a greener Earth and brighter future for us all. Learn more about the earth-loving choices Empire Today provides; visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Luxurious Carpet that Pampers the Planet: Empire Carpet Eco Recycling

January 19th, 2013

The search for the perfect floor covering revolves around two factors: visual impact and optimal comfort. Time and time again, Empire Carpet has delivered on both fronts, establishing the Empire Today name as a leader in the home décor industry. Yet what good is it to indulge at home, if the price is the wellbeing of the planet? Now more than ever, homeowners are demanding carpet that pampers the earth, as well as their feet. With Empire Carpet Eco Recycling, homes can be beautiful while still honoring the environment.

One of the main concerns among homeowners going green for the first time is whether they’ll have a robust selection of high quality options. The good news is that Empire Carpet comes in recycled styles that, though made of old water bottles, have breathtakingly soft fibers. These carpets come in all the same textures and colors homeowners want. Plus, even if homeowners opt for non-recycled options, their old floor coverings will be saved from the landfills whenever possible. In fact, Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling prevent millions of pounds of waste from polluting the planet every year. Learn more about Empire Today’s glamorously green initiatives at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Home Fashion Comes Full Circle with Empire Flooring Eco Recycling

January 17th, 2013

What goes around comes around, and Empire Today wants to make sure that what comes around is a better environment. When homeowners choose Empire Carpet, they can literally breathe easier with the knowledge that Empire Carpet Eco Recycling is keeping the earth more than a little cleaner. While they revel in the beauty of their new Empire Carpet or Empire Flooring, their old carpet is recycled whenever possible.

Homeowners who feel strongly about the environment can also opt for Empire Carpet in recycled fibers. Silky carpet is made from recycled water bottles, and then dyed in the most popular colors. Going green has never been simpler, or more gorgeous. Learn more about earth-loving Empire Carpet and Empire Carpet Eco Recycling at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling: Endless Beauty

January 11th, 2013

Empire Flooring has a reputation for providing decades of gorgeous performance. For homeowners who choose a sustainable, earth-loving lifestyle, it’s thrilling to learn that with Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling, they can rest assured that the beauty of their décor is more than skin deep. Empire has taken proactive measures to harvest sustainably, and to dispose of old floors and carpet responsibly.

Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling reduce waste in landfills, ensuring that the natural beauty of our neighborhoods is there for our children to enjoy. By making sustainable Empire Flooring available, they ensure their efforts have global impact. Choosing Empire Flooring is good for more than the appearance and value of a home; it makes our world a better place. Explore all the ways that Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling and Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling can benefit our planet by visiting empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Green Décor Goes Glam with Empire Carpet Eco Recycling

January 9th, 2013

It’s easy enough to fantasize about new Plush Carpet for the living room, but nowadays, that’s not enough. Sophisticated homeowners want new Empire Carpet that glamorous, but good to the planet. Some call it a green revolution, but it’s really just cosmopolitan chic with a conscience. Thanks to Empire Carpet Eco Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco Recycling, every room can be as green as it is glamorous.

Leading names straight from designer showrooms round out the choices from Empire Today; Dunning Carpet and Shaw Floors offer innovative fibers and sustainable benefits. Empire Carpet is available in styles from Shaw Floors, featuring their Shaw Floors Type 6 Nylon, the only carpet that can be recycled back into carpet. By offering homeowners the most advanced options in Empire Carpet Eco Recycling, Empire Today has made the green movement one that’s easy and beautiful to embrace. Discover all the ways new Empire Flooring can make your world more sustainable by visiting empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Earth Friendly from Start to Finish: Choosing Green Home Fashions and Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling

January 4th, 2013

Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling and Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling are comprehensive green efforts, ensuring that your new floor covering is earth-friendly from manufacturing through installation. While many people expect to encounter a few eco-conscious options, most homeowners are stunned by the sheer variety of styles offered by Empire Today. When they discover that the environmentally sound practices extend to the treatment of old carpet that’s removed, they are, quite simply, floored.

Empire Today provides breathtaking recycled Empire Carpet in styles that range from deluxe to casual. Using fibers created from discarded water and soda bottles, these carpets provide a silky, posh appearance that’s easy on the earth. Combined with their partnership with CLEAR (Carpet Landfill Elimination and Recycling), this adds up to a multi-tiered green effort, keeping waste out of landfills at every opportunity. Find out how you can go green while furnishing your home in elegantly eco-friendly Empire Carpet by exploring these articles on Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Lush Looks for a Green Heart: Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling

January 2nd, 2013

Home is where the heart is, and for homeowners whose hearts bear green, Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling is something to fall in love with. No longer do they need to worry about where their old carpet will go. Instead of clogging landfills and contaminating our natural resources, 100% of any recyclable materials are recovered and reused.

Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling leads the pack in their commitment to the wellbeing of the planet. By partnering with CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), Empire Today has developed a strategy to become a leader in recycling retail floor coverings. In fact, their Empire Flooring Eco-Recycling program has already kept 8 million pounds of waste materials out of landfills. Visit this website to learn more about Empire Flooring Eco Recycling green initiatives at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Contemporary Carpet with a Conscience: Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling

December 28th, 2012

People from all over the world have come to see that preserving the beauty of nature is just as important as assembling a wonderful home. With Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring, fashion is available in a most green-friendly form.

Homeowners can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling will keep their old carpet and padding out of landfills. Meanwhile, they can choose from a variety of luxurious recycled carpet styles. Contemporary décor and conscious choice never looked so divine. Learn more about Empire Carpet Eco-Recycling here: empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com or empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Today Encourages Green Living for a Better Tomorrow

December 26th, 2012

Nowadays, ‘green’ living is not as much of a fad as it has become a way of life where homeowners care about their health and the protection of the environment. Empire Today knows how important this is and offers a variety of Empire Flooring that are eco-friendly.

To create an eco-friendly kitchen, Bamboo Empire Flooring is a great choice as provides the sturdiness and sleek look of Bamboo and its regenerative properties make homeowners that care about the Earth happy. Of course, besides flooring, there are many other eco-friendly products to choose when renovating the kitchen ranging from countertops, appliances and kitchen accessories. Go green with Empire Today and visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Dream Green With Eco-Chic Home Couture From Empire Today

December 22nd, 2012

When homeowners discover the satisfaction of living in harmony with the environment, small steps like recycling aren’t enough. These homeowners realize that choosing earth-friendly, sustainable materials is an investment in the planet’s future. Empire Today allows environmentally conscious homeowners to express their values through their home décor when by choosing Delancy and Paladino carpets.

The first thing people notice about these carpets is their inherent beauty. Using a sophisticated process, recycled bottles are uses to create lustrous, exceptionally soft, resilient fibers. The result is a carpet that gently cushions and supports every footstep and delights every eye. In carpet colors that suit the most epicurean sensibilities, this Empire Carpet is a perfect match for any décor. Empire Carpet is available in mouth-watering cappuccino hues, snowy whites, deep jewel tones, and more. Discover the amazing green beauty of Empire Carpet at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Delancy & Paladino: Exciting New Eco-Friendly Options From Empire Today

December 20th, 2012

The verdict is in; trendsetters in the world of décor agree that green is gorgeous. Eco-friendly home fashions are the new essentials in renovations, and environmentally friendly carpet is a top priority for families. Carpet colors are available in a range that complements any design motif from exotic bohemian splendor, to rustic coziness.

For homeowners who want their Empire Carpet to work beautifully even as their tastes evolve, rich, modern colors like cappuccino complement deep wood furnishings as well as futuristic chromes and acrylics. Green carpet options like Delancy and Paladino wow homeowners with their silky texture, made by spinning delicate filaments from recycled soda bottles. The result is a carpet that feels like a cloud underfoot while turning heads with its stunningly luxurious appearance. Learn more about Empire Today’s eco-friendly carpet options at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Empire Today Helps You Protect the Earth

December 12th, 2012

Empire Today is in the business of improving homes with a myriad of styles of Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and Empire Window Treatments. But not only do they want to improve homes, Empire Today also desires to improve the planet by providing eco-friendly Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products and developing a recycling programing by partnering with CLEAR (Carpet Elimination and Recycling), where 100% of the recyclable carpet and padding removed from homes is recycled. To learn more about this initiative by Empire Today, visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Good for You and the Environment Made Possible with Empire Carpet

December 7th, 2012

The soft and sound-absorbing underfoot with a cozy feel has made Empire Carpet a popular choice for flooring in many homes. And now the environmentally-conscious homeowners can find eco-friendly Empire Carpet styles that are not only cozy and soft but also made from renewable sources. Some of these styles include Delancy and Paladino brands offered by Empire Today. To learn more about eco-friendly Empire Carpet options, visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Ever Wonder Why Cork Flooring Is Eco-Friendly?

November 28th, 2012

You’ve probably heard that cork is an environmentally friendly product, but may not be sure why. One of the main reasons is that cork is one of nature’s renewable resources because of the way that is harvested and manufactured. During the manufacturing process of cork flooring, trees are not harmed or felled in anyway. Also, Cork Flooring by Empire Today is sustainable and easy to recycle.

Cork is an eco-friendly Empire Flooring option that warms and enriches any interior and blends in well with other decorations and furniture. Cork Empire Flooring also comes in a wide range of colors and styles to fit any home décor. Interested to learn more? Visit www.empiretoday.com for more information.


Create Soothing Ambiance with Eco-Conscious Empire Carpet

August 10th, 2012
Going green has never been easier. Today home renovation materials are available in a myriad of options that are better for homeowners’ health and the Earth. When redecorating a room, homeowners can find furnishings made from recycled wood and low VOC paints. Empire Today has taken it one step further and has helped customers remain eco-friendly by offering carpet made from recycled and sustainable sources. For instance, Empire Today’s new Delancy and Paladino carpets are beautiful, stylish and made from recycled materials.

With carpet colors that range from a luscious cappuccino to pristine off whites, Empire Today’s eco-chic carpets allow environmentally conscious homeowners to make statements both about their style, and their commitment to a better world. Each renovation project becomes an opportunity for homeowners to create a mood, live their values, and make their home uniquely their own. Learn more about Empire Today’s many green home offerings at www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.


Empire Carpet Environmentally-Friendly Options

August 23rd, 2012
Similar to Paladino Carpet and Dunning Lane Carpet, Greenwich is another eco-friendly Empire Carpet style made from recycled plastics. The process for making this Empire Carpet is not an easy one; it truly took innovation and is crafted with continuous filament polyester, giving this environmentally-friendly carpet an unsurpassed soft feel.

Empire Today’s Greenwich Carpet is a great choice for an area with high-traffic, which is prone to stains. This Empire Carpet style will resist stains and soil. To learn more visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com/empire-carpet-offers-environmentally-responsible-products/.


Empire Carpet Eco-Friendly Collection

August 23rd, 2012
Empire Today offers Dunning Lane as an environmentally-friendly Empire Carpet option. This carpet features high quality soft recycled fiber giving it an extraordinary soft touch. Who said that sustainability does not equal beauty and luxury?

This Empire Carpet style beautifully marries function and luxury, making it great for more formal areas in the home, such as a formal sitting room or personal areas such as a master bedroom. To learn more about this and other eco-friendly Empire Carpet styles, visit http://www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com/environmentally-responsible-green-friendly/.


Paladino Carpet & Townsend Carpet as Green Empire Carpet Options

August 30th, 2012
Empire Today’s line of environmentally-friendly Empire Carpet offerings include Paladino Carpet and Townsend. Paladino Carpet is a U.S. product is manufactured with recycled content, including soft drink and water bottles.
Townsend is a high performing eco-friendly Empire Carpet style made with longevity in mind.

Due to its durable filament polyester, this Empire Carpet is made to last, which helps reduce consumption. It also has a Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology making it a great choice for high traffic areas such as hallways or family rooms. To learn more, visit Empire Today Eco Recycling.

Decorating Your Home with Bamboo Flooring

September 14th, 2012
To achieve a modern and eco-friendly look in the home, many choose Bamboo for their flooring needs. Empire Today’s Bamboo Flooring is a great decorative choice that gives true organic and natural look to a home.
Bamboo comes in three different Empire Flooring styles: Traditional, Hand-Scraped and Strand-Woven. No matter the style this Bamboo Empire Flooring is unique in that its earthy look adds natural beauty to any area in the home. To learn more about this eco-friendly Empire Flooring style, visit http://www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com/sustainable-flooring-products.

Decorating Your Home with Bamboo Flooring

October 26th, 2012
To achieve a modern and eco-friendly look in the home, many choose Bamboo for their flooring needs. Empire Today’s Bamboo Flooring is a great decorative choice that gives true organic and natural look to a home.
Bamboo comes in three different Empire Flooring styles: Traditional, Hand-Scraped and Strand-Woven. No matter the style this Bamboo Empire Flooring is unique in that its earthy look adds natural beauty to any area in the home.

To learn more about this eco-friendly Empire Flooring style, visit http://www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com/sustainable-flooring-products.


Empire Today Carpets Eco-Chic Homes In Luxury

October 29th, 2012
Empire Today continues to be a leader in the green homes industry. Homeowners who have been slowly adding green elements to their lifestyles demand Earth-friendly options whenever they renovate their homes. Now, they don’t have to settle for inferior selections or quality; Empire Carpet colors include trendy whites, rich cappuccino, and all hues in between. Plus, the sumptuous texture of their Delancy and Paladino carpets prove once and for all that the most fashionable options are as easy on the environment as they are on the eyes.

Both Delancy and Paladino carpets are made from recycled materials like water and soft drink bottles. Rather than allowing them to clog up landfills, they’re crafted into satin-like filaments that become preternaturally soft carpets. Durable and easy to care for, these Empire Carpets are designed to look gorgeous year after year. Homeowners can learn more about Empire Carpet in eco-Friendly choices at www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.