Window Treatments from Empire Today

With Empire Today, Saving Energy is a Beautiful Thing

Reducing energy consumption is an important aspect of being eco-friendly.  Empire Today can help you choose energy efficient Window Treatments that can reduce your heating and cooling usage – not to mention your energy bills. Further, having window shadings allows you to maintain a steadier room temperature, reducing overall heating bills and energy consumption. A number of the Window Treatments we offer carry the GREENGUARD® certification, which verifies that a product meets stringent indoor air quality guidelines and is healthier for your environment. Visit for more information. Our certified Window Treatments include:

Eclipse™ Shutters

Eclipse shutters from Empire Today give you total light control and absolute privacy because they close tightly in both directions. They feature a permanent finish with UV protection that resists warping, cracking, peeling and fading. The shutters also never need to be painted. In addition, they are fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

Honeycombs Blinds and Shades

Empire Today HoneycombStylish honeycomb blinds and shades from Empire Today are as versatile as they are functional. They meet any light requirement by providing both subtle light filtration and more shade than any other Window Treatment. Honeycomb blinds block out 99%* of harmful UV rays. Available in semi-opaque, blackout fabrics and shades.

Nantucket™ Window Shadings

These versatile treatments from Empire Today feature soft 2 ½” fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings. Lowered, the vanes can be tilted to any position from fully opened to closed. With the vanes open, the sheer facings soften the outside view, filtering incoming sunlight and blocking up to 88%* of harmful UV rays. With the vanes closed, enjoy privacy and 99%* UV protection.


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