Empire Carpet Offers Beautiful & Environmentally Friendly Products

Empire Carpet is Environmentally Responsible:

From lighting, paint and furniture, to floor coverings and window treatments, choosing environmentally friendly products for your home is more than a hot decorating trend; it’s more sustainable for our planet. Empire Today® or Empire Carpet, a leader for over 50 years in installed home improvement and home furnishings, has made a solid commitment to sustainability. Empire Flooring offers carpet and flooring options that are as environmentally responsible as they are beautiful and affordable.

Earth Friendly Practices:

For Over 50 Years, Empire Today, or Empire Carpet, as it’s more commonly known, has been a leader in the installed home improvement and home furnishings industry. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and when you want products that are more earth-friendly and practices that are more environmentally responsible, we’re committed to satisfying your needs.

Empire Today works with leading manufacturers for its Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and Empire Window Treatments products, on an ongoing basis, to provide you with an ever-greater range of quality choices for greener and more energy-efficient products, at prices you can afford. Here are just a few of our most popular eco-friendly products:

Shaw Floors’ Type 6 Nylon

This is the only residential carpet capable of being recycled back into carpet fiber at Shaw’s Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, Georgia. See how it works at www.shawfloors.com/Shaw-Environmental/Sustainability

Shaw Floors’ Laminate

This beautiful flooring is made with less newly harvested wood than hardwoods or other laminate products and is engineered for a long life span, reducing consumption of natural resources.

Epic™ Hardwood


The materials come from managed forests and use 50 percent less newly harvested wood than other products. They also contain EnviroCore™, which is made of residual wood fibers recycled from other manufacturing processes.

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

Not only do these name-brand window treatments look great, but by managing heat loss and gain through the windows (as well as controlling heat from sunlight), they reduce utility usage. Further, window treatments act as insulation, while allowing for natural solar heat and light.