Empire Flooring’s Sustainable Flooring Options

Decorating with Eco-Friendly Empire Flooring Styles is better for the environment and more stylish for your home.

Empire Today Bamboo

Eco-friendly Empire Flooring products are truly sustainable and a great decorative choice for the home. By using rapidly renewable resources that produce more oxygen than an equivalent oak tree, eco-friendly Empire Flooring is good for the family and the environment.  Empire Today offers a line of eco-friendly Empire Flooring that comes in different styles of bamboo and cork flooring.


Bamboo Flooring From Empire Today: Good For The Earth And Your Health

Empire Today Bamboo

For Earth loving homeowners, no building material is more synonymous with eco-consciousness than bamboo. Empire Today offers Bamboo Flooring with these homeowners in mind. Bamboo is more than a rapidly renewable resource. It has a unique, modern beauty with strength that rivals hardwood. No wonder “bamboo” is the biggest buzzword in the home design industry.
Most homeowners, even if they prefer to use green building materials, wouldn’t dream of sacrificing durability and functionality. Happily, Empire Today’s Bamboo Flooring delivers on all fronts. Bamboo is, in fact, harder than hardwood, making it a reliably tough material for most rooms. As a bonus, few materials are easier to maintain than bamboo. It’s easy to clean with a simple dust mop, and does not attract dust or dust mites- making it particularly well suited for allergy sufferers. Usually, homeowners can skip mops and buckets in favor of a simple damp cloth. The need for fewer harsh cleaning products is welcome news for health-savvy homeowners. Bamboo Flooring from Empire Today truly is great for Earth, homes, and the people who live in them. Click on www.empiretoday.com to learn more about eco-friendly Empire Flooring options.


Empire Today Cork

Cork Flooring From Empire Today: An Exciting Earth-Friendly Option

Going “green” is one of the biggest remodeling trends of our current times. Of course, going “green” is about more than a color, it’s about keeping the earth sustainable for our children. Empire Today has answered the call for providing eco-friendly home options with their Cork Flooring. Cork is renewable, sturdy, and comfortable underfoot.

For those homeowners who have long wished they could have their cake and eat it too, Empire Flooring in cork is practically heaven-sent. Its honey-comb-shaped cellular structure imparts it with attributes not found in any other building material. Rendered almost sponge-like by these cells, it feels as soft under foot as a padded carpet. Yet, enthusiastic decorators aren’t fooled by its softness; that same cellular structure allows it to bounce back, maintaining its beauty, when rambunctious kids, furniture, and pets put a strain on it. Furthermore, cork has long been used as a sound proofing material. Use Empire Today’s Cork Flooring for children’s playrooms, or noisy tv rooms. Happy homeowners appreciate its many workhorse attributes, while enjoying the way its rich, wood-like appearance enhances any room.

Empire Today is also proud to work with environmentally friendly partners, offering our customers even more eco-friendly flooring options.

Shaw Floors’ Laminate

This beautiful flooring is made with less newly harvested wood than hardwoods or other laminate products and is engineered for a long life span, reducing consumption of natural resources.

Epic® Hardwood

The materials come from managed forests and use 50 percent* less newly harvested wood than other products. They also contain EnviroCore™, which is made of residual wood fibers recycled from other manufacturing processes.